Flowers Pages

Recently, I took delivery of a Sony DSC 505 V. This is a wonderful Digital Still Camera. Ever since I got it I have been taking photos, some really good and some well you know... I found that I was really enjoying taking photos of flowers, they are colourful, they generally don't move and they are often beautiful. Then I thought to myself what can I do with these photos, and then I realized that other people may enjoy looking at them to. So here they are.

The photos have been organized into lots of 20, and are presented in the order in which they were taken, they are not classified or edited, so my apologies for the ones which are out of focus. Note I am an amateur photographer.

Enjoy and remember to click on the photo you like to see the full version

Images below are at 1280x960 and take at least 30 seconds each to download

Images below are at 800x600 and take at least 15 seconds each to download (twice as fast-but photos are smaller)

Flower page 1

Flower page 2 winter

Flower page 3

Flower page 4

Flower page 1

The photos are all 1280 x 960, with the thumbnails being 96x72, millions of colours in jpeg format, compressed to about 40%. If you would like the full uncompressed originals just send me an email (, I still have them on CD.

Copyright: Please feel free to use the photos as you see fit, if you use them in a publication, please send me one copy of your publication which contains the photo(s) used. Please mail to:

R. Stankey, "Sunny Acres" 161 Newell Highway, Gilgandra, NSW, 2827, Australia.